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Sriyani Dress Point

Message from Chairman

For over two decades, SRIYANI clothes and garment have been synonymous with luxury, quality and premium selection. As the premier designer, manufacturer, and supplier of luxurious clothes, apparels such as vintage printed or embroidered t-shirts, jacket, for the entire wholesale and retail, industries, our capabilities are endless when it comes to creating the perfect quality merchandise.

As we all are concerned that in this twenty first century the apparel sector in Sri Lanka is becoming a prospective as well as potential sector .If we look back from now on then we will see how much we have earned from this sector in the last few years. Apparel is increased by 9.26% of total export in our country. If there is more and proper governance as well as caring it might play a very vital role in our economy over the other sectors.

As we are very optimistic regarding this sector that’s why we are committed to give our customers a very good garments along with an incomparable quality. Because price is also a very touchy issue we are also committed to offer a reasonable price for our customers. We always give foremost priority and respect our client’s demands, choices, and most of all expectations in order to deliver them a best quality garments.

SRIYANI has its own expertise and devoted personnel team to distribute Clothing Island wide through which, we try to achieve utmost satisfaction of the valued clients.SRIYANI conducts its operations with honesty, integrity & openness and with respect for the rights & interests of our customers and other people who are directly and indirectly have relationships with us.

We follow all the instructions and requirements of our valued clients regarding the quality which is asked to be followed in order to deliver the goods to the customers as well as the ultimate end users. Most of all we care our valued clients and also their opinions.

As a company we remain committed to corporate and social responsibility. In all of our actions we strive to ensure that all economic, environmental and social factors are considered. We believe that this approach, driven by our principles of respect, rigor and involvement, makes us more responsible and informed as a company.

Solving the problem of dynamic nature of fashion world by providing exclusively new fashions at an affordable price to the local and foreign customers to adopt themselves to the changing world, SRIYANI DRESS POINT was found by Mr. Mariya Pillai Selvaraj while he was out his brother at a Textile Shop in Kegalle and seeing the immense opportunities in the trade he decided to start his own ‘shop’ with just 08 employees in 1989

With his unique entrepreneurial touch “New Sriyani Textile” drew customers in large number and in 1993 he invested Rs.3.8 million to move to his own three storied building under the name “Sriyani Dress point”. Mr.Selvaraj was mainly in to buying and selling and in a bid to increase profits and also provide a ‘local touch’ to his products he started his own apparel factory by providing employment to the under privileged’ youth in the area.

Today SRIYANI DRESS POINT employs approximately 2000 employs in the process of Bulk buying and retail selling of ready-made garments to the both local and foreign customers. SRIYANI DRESS POINT prides itself for providing an unbeatable quality, lower rate in comparisons to other competitors and the unique style maintained by special designers serving at the garment factory.

Amongst the other blooming apparel stores, Mr Selvaraj would like to introduce SRIYANI DRESS POINT as a flexible, dynamic, friendly, revolutionary, agile clothing store bound to quench the fashion taste of the era.

Mr. Selvaraj directs his fellow employees towards achieving the goals of SRIYANI DRESS POINT which are: maximizing the market share, increasing the good will, maintaining and strengthening a strong relationship with the entire society, satisfying each & every customer by providing the best service to them.


Satisfy the customers by providing the latest fashions matching to the dynamic life style; make a value addition to the Sri Lankan Economy and to Decrease the problem of unemployment among the Sri Lankan youth.


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